Supply chain security monitoring

Control and monitor risk across your entire supply chain

Supply chain cyber attacks are one of the most rapidly
growing threats to any enterprise.

Regulations are rapidly growing worldwide -
your supply chain security posture is of the most concern.

Current vendor security assessment and audit is manual, partial, and has limited visibility.

Elevate the only available continuous monitoring solution in the market to benefit from comprehensive and affordable end-to-end cybersecurity monitoring for your entire supply chain

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Know your vendors’ risk before you engage them, discover leaked credentials of vendors’ employees

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Azure, AWS or GCP* - replace cloud posture manual audits with continuous and verified control maturity monitoring

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Augment and orchestrate your internal vendor monitoring processes and tools in a centralized and unified process

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Enjoy more comprehensive monitoring of our integrated partners’ apps Currently supporting: Security Scorecard, IBM Xforce, Qualys

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Receive continuous intelligence about vendor breach disclosures under the US DHS VDP regulation. Act faster based on actionable intelligence relevant to your supply chain

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Maintaining all your vendors’ compliance levels, certificates, and associated authenticity over time is complex, manual work that is prone to neglect

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